Canonet QL 17 GIII Rangefinder Test Roll

I’ve always wanted to have a rangefinder. I learned how to use a single-lens reflex camera with my grandfather’s Canon FTQL; I felt learning how to use an RF would round me up pretty nicely as a film photography enthusiast. I did a lot of research about the different kinds of rangefinders, the photos taken with them, and whether they’ll only run on phased-out batteries or if they could be used on full manual mode. I was glad to see for sale what I think the best RF was for me: the Canonet QL 17 GIII. I met up with a friend who sells it, from whom I also purchased my underwater camera, and gladly bought the RF. She also gave me five rolls of assorted color negative film, which was really sweet. :) I couldn’t wait to test the camera—my friend wasn’t able to test it herself since buying it—to see if I need to have it CLA’d (cleaned, lubricated, adjusted) at the famous Hidalgo Street, the photography mecca of Manila.
The first thing I did was to take out the deteriorating black foam by the back cover—they’ll surely let in light leaks, which I don’t want to have with this particular camera. I asked my boyfriend for some black Blu-Tack to use as sealant. I then did a bit of lens cleaning just to be sure. Finally I loaded it up with the Fuji 160 NPS film my friend gave. I hoped I still knew how to tweak manual exposure settings, because I was going to shoot without relying on the exposure meter.

After finishing the roll I went to a one-hour photolab in a nearby shopping mall to have the roll processed and printed because I really, really wanted to see my shots right away. I did contemplate on having the negatives scanned to a compact disc, but I didn’t want to shell out extra cash on something uncertain.

Enough blah, so how did I do? See here! :) [The texture on the photos is from the scanned photo paper.]

Credits: 123sajeepney
This is my sister reading the Sunday paper.
Credits: 123sajeepney
A (sadly) deteriorating house in one of the oldest districts in Manila.
Credits: 123sajeepney
I absolutely love construction cranes!
Credits: 123sajeepney
My sister again. I am testing the focusing…
Credits: 123sajeepney
And, more cranes, showing the “vertical expansion” of Manila. Condominium buildings have started to mushroom around the metro.

The camera was easy to use, it worked perfectly, the photos were sharp, and I didn’t have to have it serviced! I was so happy. I enjoyed using the Canonet a lot, and I think we’re going to have a fun, awesome, and film-loving relationship together.

written by 123sajeepney on 2011-03-24

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