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These are some pics of the first roll of film through my split-cam. Not great but pretty cool.


  1. charliewagers
    charliewagers ·

    oh man. so perfectly aligned!

  2. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Yeah , it was one of those perfect flukes that happened during lunch hour one day.

  3. maria_vlachou
    maria_vlachou ·

    wow! great double!

  4. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @maria_vlachou hey thanks so much :)

  5. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    nice color :)

  6. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @sobetion One of those flukes that worked out really great :)