Massillon, Ohio- for me, its home.

Massillon. Most may not have ever heard of this little town on the banks of the mighty (well kinda) Tuscarawas River. We sit about an hour south of Cleveland and just West via the hsitoric Lincoln Highway of Canton, Ohio.
While there is nothing flashy about Massillon, one feels a sense of the old town charm when driveing down Lincoln Way or over to historic 4th street to see some of the homes of the well to do.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Other great spots for the casual lomographer are places like St. Mary Catholic Church with its gothic spires and soot aged stonework. One spot that I have always loved if only for the old sign at front is the Towne Plaza. It just makes me think of an older time before all the huge box stores and the like. And one can’t possibly forget the shining jewel of Massillon (in my himble opinion) the Massillon Public Library. note: photos of the library to follow, soon.
Hungry? The Firehouse Grille and Pub is the place to go.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Though Massillon might not be as scenic as the Grand Canyon or as beautiful as Paris or London, I still think it has its own charms to discover.
Take it easy folks and keep on snappin’

written by 110isnotdead on 2012-07-13