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This year I’ve shot maybe 10 or 15 rolls , too few if you consider that I used to go to the lab at least twice a week. The power pack of my scanner is broken since august and I didn’t buy a new one, and I have a lot of negative to scan…
- dakota – WAKE UP!

I don’t know what happened to me, maybe I was only tired, not of taking pictures, but of the past years. I guess it happens to everyone.
“There are days when I like to spend in bed all day” with theese words Marti starts his song “September in the rain”

“Guess what? This is one of them”. Watch the video to find the beautiful woman shooting with a wonderful camera.

When I am not in the mood of shooting I like to watch my old pictures that match the way I feel. It’s autumn, I love this period so I looked for some autumn vibes.

For me it is important to associate music to the images, so listen to About Today - The National while you’re reading this note.

Last year I spent a few days in Mantova, I shot with lubitel loaded with portra and fuji 400
kodak portra is perfect for autumn shots.

Three years ago, after spending the afternoon in the library of the university of Palermo, I don’t like that place, I always feel bad and alone there.

the colors of the sky were almost apocalyptic that day. Lc-wide and colorplus 200.

About four years ago, near my hometown

We all love the colours of this season

And now some winter shots that are very near to my current mood

Credits: -dakota-
noir days, lc-w and earl grey @200

Macro and blur pictures with cold tones. I love this mood

Credits: -dakota-

I hope to shoot more pictures in the next weeks and see you in the next note.
Have a nice day

written by -dakota- on 2016-10-11


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    I loved this entry. Tks for sharing!

  2. -dakota-
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    @crismiranda thank you :)