The clout of a photo

Credits: -alia-

I always believed that a photo can capture emotions.
More than true colour, it can show us a reality beyond what our eyes can catch.
This photo reminds me clearly the feelings that were surrounding me that moment.
And now I see that waters can be dark, scary and sad.

But essentially, this photo reminds me that sometimes things are not as they look like.
We should try to see things with different eyes.
Or maybe, photograph them and be able of seeing the reality behind a moment.

written by -alia- on 2013-07-29

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  1. olivier_g
    olivier_g ·

    a photograph can, sometimes, be deceptive... you see and you feel something, an emotion, when you are somewhere... You make a picture of this place for get back this feeling later... and, you can't get back the same feeling you had... because you don't see the place, you see a picture of this place, you see something else...