Underexposed and underwhelmed

My love affair with the Impossible Project is over. This is my second pack of awful results with film I stored per their directions, and my 5th pack since last May that was awful, some of that they replaced. At $2.80 a shot, I expect better. I'm sticking with Instax and I think I'll get a Lomo'Instant Wide for larger format photos. At least it will make good pics. Vs these. BTW, it was overcast but I used the flash AND a hand held light and some of these you cant even tell there's extra light, they are that bad. very disappointed with this expensive film. Now I remember why I stopped shooting it.

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  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    and yes it needs lots of light, i overexpose at least one stop and make sure to put the film in a dark pocket rightaway for about 15 before i let any sun hit it. maybe worth a try

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