Kodak ektachrome 160T expired in 1996. Cross processed and pushed two steps


  1. beblo
    beblo ·

    While looking at the thumbnails, I almost did not noticed this photo because it is rendered small. I have to set the brightness level of my notebook computer to 100% to see what the photo is all about. It is a good photograph.

  2. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @beblo oh, thank you for caring and noticing! 😊
    Yeah, the contrast on the film is too high due to all the crosses and pushes I think. I should’ve corrected it a bit probably before publishing, but I was too rush to share :)

  3. beblo
    beblo ·

    You are welcome. .*@:-)
    Whenever I visit a lomohome, I start to scan the thumbnail photos starting from the last page to the first page. My notebook computer and internet connection speed are not fast enough to open the 50 photos contained in every page. So, what I do is just scan the 50 thumbnail photos per page. If 1 thumbnail photo looks good or interesting to me, then I open the photo to view it at a larger frame size.
    Since you are the photographer, you have the right to edit/retouch your photos. But, based from my knowledge so far, I think if you will print this photo at it's maximum frame size, it can brighten up a little.
    I thank you for the visit to my little lomohome and I thank you for the 'likes' too. .*@:-)

  4. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @beblo I’ll definitely try to print it! Thank you very much.

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