2014 Misty day in Germany (DIANA MINI)

So, my first real lomo-walk this year. I've been in Germany, in Mahlerts. It has very nice landscapes however the Spring was still early and the day was misty - which You can notice on the photos. But if all photos in the world would have been taken in full sun - it might be a bit boring, don't You think? ;)
The used film - was typical for me Kodak ColorPlus 200.

Anyway I took my beloved Diana Mini. It doesn't feel too well lately and it has problems with moving the film forward when the format is set to 'rectangle' mode. So this time I wanted - for the first time - to test the 'square' photo-mode of Diana Mini (as it should actually work, basing on the 60s Dianas :) ).

On the other hand, I noticed - while watching photos of ppl on www.lomography.com - that square photos from such machines like Diana Baby or Holga - or the 'big' Dianas of course - are somehow much more interesting. So it was another reason I decided to switch into 'square' mode with my Diana Mini - and I intend stick with it since now.

I do hope You like those 'early & misty Spring' shots.



  1. aditya-handoyo
    aditya-handoyo ·

    peaceful, nice place

  2. waynejordan
    waynejordan ·

    very nice, looks like a relaxing place to walk.

  3. peterpan61
    peterpan61 ·

    great shot! gratulation!

  4. wera
    wera ·

    Its pretty amazing And love the description as well „early And mosty spring”-love that

  5. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Thanks so much. :)

  6. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Thx a lot, Diana Mini can give really cool results. :)

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