Past Events

  • EXP.22 – Experimental Photo Festival

    2022-07-20 – 2022-07-24 · Spain
    EXP.22 – Experimental Photo Festival

    EXP.22 will be held in Barcelona, Spain between the 20th and 24th of July, 2022 and will host 80 workshops, 40 conferences, and 10 activities OFF with 46 international artists and curators. The festival is organized by a non-profit cultural association that aims to create, promote, and disseminate experimental photography in all its aspects.

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  • Book Launch: re·source

    2022-07-17 · United Kingdom
    Book Launch: re·source

    re·source is the third publication from the Sustainable Darkroom. Featuring nearly 200 pages of essays, recipes, experiments, images, and research from a network of practitioners worldwide, re:source is their largest publication yet – and the most extensive collection of writing on sustainable photographic practice to date.

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  • LomoWalk Berlin x berlinonfilm

    2022-07-16 · Germany
    LomoWalk Berlin x berlinonfilm

    Finally another LomoWalk in Berlin! On Saturday 16 July 2022 our wonderful LomoAmigas and Amigos from berlinonfilm will guide you through the district of Lichtenberg, to capture the streets on Lomography 35 mm and 120 film.

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  • Berytus..A Glorified City – A Photo Exhibition by Maher Attar

    2022-05-05 – 2022-07-16 · Lebanon
    Berytus..A Glorified City – A Photo Exhibition by Maher Attar

    Lebanese photographer Maher Attar is turning his lens towards his own country, at a time of economic turmoil and hardship for the nation once hailed as a model of prosperity in the Middle East. In his new project Berytus…A Glorified City, Attar uses the Holga 120 to produce raw and striking images. The imperfections that result are key to Attar’s intentions to show Beirut as a city that has been “abused but never broken.” His project is exhibited at the Art District – House of Photography in Beirut.

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  • Develop Film with Beer + DigitaLIZA Scanning Workshop

    2022-07-10 · United States
    Develop Film with Beer + DigitaLIZA Scanning Workshop

    Meet us at the benches at Domino Park at 4 PM for a free Photowalk to Brooklyn Brewery led by Souls in Focus. Afterwards, we’ll meet up in the Barrel Room of the brewery for a relaxing evening of Cameras and Beer. Those that signed up for the workshop will be given a short demonstration on how to create your own beer developer at home and will get the chance to develop a roll of B&W film on the spot. We’ll then scan the film using the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA Max scanning kits. First 10 to sign up for the workshop will get a free roll of Lomography B&W film.

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  • Workshop Cyanotype Printing Process

    2022-07-10 · Spain
    Workshop Cyanotype Printing Process

    In this workshop, Sibux, an experimental analog photographer, will share tips and tricks on this ancient technique of copying images in a practical way. Learn the history of cyanotype and how it can be used on unconventional surfaces including wood, fabric, magazine paper, and even eggshells! Then, take home a poster and a tote bag printed with your own cyanotype work.

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  • LomoWalk with Arcanes Labo Photo in Montpellier

    2022-07-09 · France
    LomoWalk with Arcanes Labo Photo in Montpellier

    During the Brocante Argentique Montpellier (BAM) event, Lomography and Arcanes Labo Photo will organize a LomoWalk with the LomoChrome Metropolis film hosted by Fanny @poesieboheme. You will get a film, processing/scanning and two 20×30 cm prints. The number of participants is limited, don’t wait to register! Photo by Fanny (@poesieboheme)

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  • ​LomoWall at Brocante Argentique Montpellier

    2022-07-09 · France
    ​LomoWall at Brocante Argentique Montpellier

    ​Many of you entered ​the "La Ville en Argentique" photo contest organized with our partner Arcanes Labo Photo. On July 9, the winning images will be presented as a LomoWall at the Brocante Argentique Montpellier (BAM), at the Halle Tropisme in Montpellier. ​Make sure to m​ark your agendas!

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  • Workshop: "I have no clue"

    2022-07-09 · Spain
    Workshop: "I have no clue"

    This coming Saturday July 9, 2022 we offer you the Analogue Photography workshop "I have no idea!", at Lomography Embassy Barcelona! After a theory class, we each prepare a brand new Diana F+ camera, and load it with a roll of ISO 400 120 color negative film. Once we have our camera ready to shoot, we will take a pleasant walk through the Born neighborhood, enjoying the Sun, putting into practice all the knowledge acquired in the theoretical part of the workshop.

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  • Analog Summer Adventure #1 – LomoWalk: St. John’s

    2022-07-09 · United States
    Analog Summer Adventure #1 – LomoWalk: St. John’s

    Staff members from Pro Photo Supply will lead you and fellow film enthusiasts on a LomoWalk through Cathedral Park and downtown St. John’s. Get ready to forget the rules, don’t overthink, and shoot from the hip! Two Pro Photo Supply staff members will guide the walk, answer any questions you may have about shooting film or your camera, and teach you the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography. Experience level: Beginner & Up Requirements: Each participant must supply their own film camera for this walk. There will be a limited number of loaner cameras available and will be loaned out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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  • Rose Néon Exhibition in Paris

    2022-06-23 – 2022-07-04 · France
    Rose Néon Exhibition in Paris

    Our friend Rose Néon invites you to her first solo show in Paris. The exhibition named “Peau pourrie“ features the latest instant photographs taken by the artist. You will be able to see the images she created with the Lomo’Instant Square and Lomo’Instant Wide. Opening party on June 23, exhibition until July 4 at le Pavé d’Orsay in Paris.

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  • Open Call: Etéreo x Lomography

    2022-06-20 – 2022-07-02 · Spain
    Open Call: Etéreo x Lomography

    Be one of the six artists who will be featured on the new issue of the Spanish zine Etéreo! We will provide one film to each artist in order to create the photos. This issue will focus on experimental and dreamlike analogue photography (whether urban, rural or portrait/self-portrait) with the use of double/long exposures, text, out of focus, grain, negatives' experimentation, use of filters, prisms, etc. The call for entries will close July 2nd.

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  • Artist + Book Talk Series with Photographer Erica Reade

    2022-06-30 · United States
    Artist + Book Talk Series with Photographer Erica Reade

    LomoAmigo Erica Reade just published a book of her iconic “Beach Lovers“ Series and will be talking about her work on Thursday June 30th fittingly at the Rockaway Hotel!

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  • Creatività Consapevole: a Photography Exhibition with Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

    2022-06-23 – 2022-06-30 · Italy
    Creatività Consapevole: a Photography Exhibition with Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

    We gave 10 students from the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia of Milan a Diana F+ medium format camera and Lomography Color Negative 120 400 ISO films. Check out their experimental results at DiSopra – Frida Isola in Milan from June 23rd (exhibition opening at 6.30 pm).

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  • LINK, Love is a Necessary Knot – Open Call

    2022-06-01 – 2022-06-30
    LINK, Love is a Necessary Knot – Open Call

    Would you like to become an active part of an artistic project that speaks of ties, affection and connection? We are supporting Francesca Tilio’s open call to give the chance to anyone in Europe to create new LINKS and participate in a community photographic project.

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  • National Camera Day

    National Camera Day

    More than just a creative tool, a camera is a quiet witness to touching moments and trusty keeper of history. On this day, let’s take a moment to appreciate how our humble gear enables us to express ourselves, share our thoughts and ideas, and let other’s witness the world through our eyes!

  • LomoWalk Metropolis Vienna

    2022-06-25 · Austria
    LomoWalk Metropolis Vienna

    It’s LomoChrome time! Join us on a LomoWalk dedicated to the LomoChrome Metropolis 2021 film formula around the red bricks of Arsenal. This LomoWalk is open to anyone, a free roll of Metropolis film will be provided to the 10 fastest sign-ups.

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  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography Open Call: Essentially Analogue

    2022-06-01 – 2022-06-24 · United Kingdom
    Glasgow Gallery of Photography Open Call: Essentially Analogue

    We have teamed up with Glasgow Gallery Of Photography for a special Open Call analogue photography competition with the theme “Essentially Analogue“ which anyone can enter. We are asking for you to submit your best snapshots that capture the essence of film photography, perhaps it was an unexpected double exposure, a happy accident or an experiment with a new film or viewpoint that created some interesting results. Or maybe it’s a studio-shot portrait taken on your favorite roll of film. Any photo that you feel is “essentially analogue“ will be perfect for this competition. A selection of entries will be included in the online exhibition hosted by Glasgow Gallery of Photography and one winner will be chosen who will receive a Sprocket Rocket camera and a pack of Lomography Color Negative 35 mm film.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas

    2022-06-18 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas

    We’re excited to announce our LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas on Saturday June 18th, hosted by Edden Amber. For the first 10 participants that sign up, we’ll be providing a free roll of LomoChrome Metropolis (available in 35 mm, 120 and 110) film as well as a discounted dev+scan opportunity at PhotoShack Las Vegas. Everyone else may attend with their own gear!

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  • Free Film: NYC Red Hook / Brooklyn

    2022-06-05 – 2022-06-15 · United States
    Free Film: NYC Red Hook / Brooklyn

    FREE FILM : NYC follows the footsteps of the previous iterations as a meditation on community and local culture. The Airstream-darkroom will take up residency in a given neighborhood and distribute free rolls of film to the general public, and WORTHLESSSTUDIOS will partner with local community organizations and hold youth workshops where students will learn how to use a film camera, focus a lens and process and print film using professional equipment provided by FREE FILM. Over the course of the next year and a half, the project will make its way around New York to document each borough, neighborhood by neighborhood.

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  • WORKSHOP: Black & White Film Developing

    2022-06-11 · Spain
    WORKSHOP: Black & White Film Developing

    In this workshop we will learn how to process our black and white film in the easiest and most fun way. We will start the workshop at 10am at the Lomography Embassy Barcelona with an introduction to the basics of chemical photography and how a camera works. Next, we will each carry a camera and walk around the neighborhood to shoot the film, which we will immediately process ourselves in the laboratory.

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  • KOBOgraphy: a Photography Exhibition by Kobo Studio Supported by Lomography

    2022-05-21 – 2022-06-01 · Italy
    KOBOgraphy: a Photography Exhibition by Kobo Studio Supported by Lomography

    The KOBOgraphy exhibition, open until the 1st of June, will feature photos from 6 authors shot exclusively with Lomography cameras and films.

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  • Leicester LoFI & Bring The Paint – LomoChrome Metropolis Street Art Lomowalk

    2022-05-29 · United Kingdom
    Leicester LoFI & Bring The Paint – LomoChrome Metropolis Street Art Lomowalk

    We have partnered with Leicester Lo-Fi and Bring The Paint for a special Street Art Lomowalk using the LomoChrome Metropolis film. We will start the walk at Lo-Fi HQ where you will be able to pick a camera of your choice (or bring your own if you wish) There will be some rolls of LomoChrome Metropolis film in 35 mm and 120 format to choose from too. Then we’ll head across Leicester to various hotspots seeking out some street art. We will finish the walk at Graffwerk HQ where there will be a Family Day At The Mill event with music, food and live graffiti. We will collect the films in and get them processed and scanned for you by Take It Easy Film Lab.

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  • Lomography x Liquida Photofestival: LomoWalk Torino

    2022-05-28 · Italy
    Lomography x Liquida Photofestival: LomoWalk Torino

    Join us for this special LomoWalk in collaboration with Liquida Photofestival, and share our passion for analogue photography!

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  • Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    2022-05-28 · Spain
    Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    Learn the basics of shooting with a film camera and other creative techniques in this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona! Then, test your skills with the classic Diana F+ camera and Lomography Color Negative 400 in a LomoWalk around the “El Born” neighborhood. Limited slots are available so reserve yours now!

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