WORKSHOP :: Storytelling with Instant Photography

2024-04-21 · Brooklyn, United States of America
WORKSHOP :: Storytelling with Instant Photography

Instant photography may be our modern-day daguerreotype. Alone among modern day photographic processes, instant photography results in a one-of-a kind image, on the spot within minutes. Consequently, the resurgence of films such as Polaroid enable artists a unique perspective and way of working.In this two-hour workshop participants will work with artists EveNSteve (author Eve O. Schaub and artist Stephen Schaub) to explore the potential of instant photographic materials such as Polaroid and Instax to tell stories. Visualization techniques, working with the unique attributes of instant materials (exposure latitude, color temperature) and a discussion of tools that allow for additional creative control will be included.

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  • Capturing The Moment

    2023-06-13 – 2024-04-28
    Capturing The Moment

    This exhibition explores the close relationship between photography and painting and how the juxtaposition of these two mediums has created some of the most iconic artworks of the 20th century, with artists including, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Paula Rego, and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

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  • Charlie Phillips’ How Great Thou Art – 50 Years of African Caribbean Funerals in London

    2023-10-05 – 2024-12-17
    Charlie Phillips’ How Great Thou Art – 50 Years of African Caribbean Funerals in London

    How Great Thou Art by Charlie Phillips is the first solo exhibition hosted by The Centre For British Photography and explores the traditions surrounding death within London’s African Caribbean community.

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  • Transformations: American Photographs from the 1970s

    2024-01-15 – 2024-07-07 · Philadelphia, United States of America
    Transformations: American Photographs from the 1970s

    The 1970s witnessed an unprecedented explosion of interest and activity around photography, and was a hub for wildly varying conceptions of what photography could look like, how it could be used, and what it could stand for. On one hand, the 1970s were an apex of traditional black and white darkroom photography, as artists who had worked in relative obscurity were suddenly thrust into the spotlight. But it was also the end of an era, as younger photographers began experimenting with mediums, formats, and conceptual approaches that defied established modes of photographic art.

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  • ICP at 50

    2024-01-24 – 2024-05-06 · New York, United States of America
    ICP at 50

    Kicking off ICP’s 50th anniversary year, ICP at 50: From the Collection, 1845–2019 is a thematic exploration of the many photographic processes that comprise the medium’s history, presenting works from ICP’s deep holdings of photography collected over 50 years since ICP was established in 1974.

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  • David Seidner: Fragments, 1977–99

    2024-01-24 – 2024-05-06 · New York, United States of America
    David Seidner: Fragments, 1977–99

    ICP’s survey of the work of David Seidner (1957–1999) reintroduces this important and rarely exhibited artist of the 1980s and 1990s whose work has largely faded from view since his passing from AIDS-related illnesses in 1999. Primarily drawn from Seidner’s archive, which has been a part of ICP’s collection since 2001, highlights include David Seidner’s early fine art photography and fragmented portrait studies, vibrant fashion and editorial photography, images of groundbreaking dancers and choreographers, portraits of well-known contemporary artists and their studios, and works from his final project, abstracted studies of orchids.

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  • First Came a Friendship: Sidney B. Felsen and the Artists at Gemini G.E.L.

    2024-02-20 – 2024-07-07 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    First Came a Friendship: Sidney B. Felsen and the Artists at Gemini G.E.L.

    The photographs of Sidney B. Felsen (b. 1924) eloquently document the remarkable history of Gemini G.E.L, the Los Angeles artist’s workshop and publisher of limited-edition prints and sculpture, founded in 1966. They capture with great empathy the joy and demands of the creative process, record the many close friendships fostered with artists who collaborated at Gemini, and bear witness to the evolving Los Angeles art scene.

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  • APPLY NOW: The Bridge – Real World Mentorship Program for emerging photographers

    2024-03-01 – 2024-04-24
    APPLY NOW: The Bridge – Real World Mentorship Program for emerging photographers

    APPLY NOW – The Bridge is a groundbreaking non-profit mentorship program for Emerging Photographers and creatives aged 18–26 in New York City and Los Angeles from June 11 to October 5th. Created in partnership with the American Society of Media Photographers, The Bridge is an immersive 16-week hybrid of professional development workshops, in-studio visits, and dynamic interaction with diverse mentors and seasoned industry professionals. The Bridge is designed to bridge the gap between traditional education and successful industry careers.

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  • Ellen Graham: Unscripted

    2024-03-02 – 2024-06-16 · West Palm Beach, United States of America
    Ellen Graham: Unscripted

    For over six decades, Ellen Graham has photographed actors, musicians, models, athletes, and royals at their most vulnerable: unplanned, unposed, and unscripted. Imbuing a sense of immediacy, showing moments of intimacy and humor, and celebrating her remarkable ability to disarm her subjects, Graham’s photographs provide unique insight into a person’s inner dimensions. This exhibition highlights several of Graham’s gifts to the Norton along with a generous array of special loans – both photographs and photographic ephemera – from the Ellen Graham Archive.

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  • Gordon Parks: Born Black

    2024-03-07 – 2024-04-20 · New York City, United States of America
    Gordon Parks: Born Black

    Jack Shainman Gallery is currently presenting Born Black, an exhibition of Gordon Parks’s photographs – curated in collaboration with The Gordon Parks Foundation. This presentation is inspired by the 1971 book Gordon Parks: Born Black, A Personal Report on the Decade of Black Revolt 1960-1970, which brought together a collection of essays and photographs by Parks that were originally created for Life magazine. Translating the essential themes of the text into an exhibition, Jack Shainman explains, “We seek to commemorate Parks’s ground-breaking 1971 anthology, and the enduring impact of his photographs and writing today. This exhibition is an act of expansion – presenting both seminal and lesser-known works from his renowned photographic series, offering contemporary meditations on his incisive eye and insightful prose.”

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