2023-02-14 – 2023-03-01 · Vienna, Austria

The Vienna based artist collective makemake produktionen has been creating theatre performances for adults and young audiences since 2011. The group trusts in the unknown and explores the development of encounters and the construction of realities through dialogue with their diverse audiences. The dance performance UNISONO explores the beauty of things happening at the same time, the power of a group as well as the disruption of harmony. Tell us what UNISONO means to you and win tickets for the performance at WUK, Vienna and a camera! Photo by Apollonia Bitzan

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Other Events

  • 30 Years of Lomography

    2022-11-23 – 2023-11-23
    30 Years of Lomography

    In November 1992, the Lomography story began in the grand-old city of Vienna, Austria. We’re now 30 years old and are proud to be an eccentric, free, enthusiastic, creative, experimental, social, wonderful Lomography Community, uniting millions of analogue admirers from around the world who are keen to help us keep film photography alive. Get ready for a full year of birthday celebrations, the experimentation must go on!

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  • The Spirit of Revue Noire: A Founding Collection

    2022-11-25 – 2023-03-31 · Tananarive, Madagascar
    The Spirit of Revue Noire: A Founding Collection

    HAKANTO CONTEMPORARY, Antananarivo, Madagascar is pleased to present The Spirit of Revue Noire: A Founding Collection, a survey of works from the collection of African publication RevueNoire. Running from November 25, 2022, to March 31, 2023, the exhibition features over 140 photographs by nearly 30 international photographers, bringing the important international collection to Madagascan audiences for the first time. Revisiting the quarterly publication, it reflects on Revue Noire’s inspirational and influential vision. The exhibition highlights the vital role that photography plays in deciphering and accentuating the diversity of contemporary practices across the continent.

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  • Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious at Fotografiska

    2023-01-26 – 2023-05-21 · New York, United States
    Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious at Fotografiska

    Legend has it that the culture of hip-hop kicked off in a Bronx basement party on August 11, 1973, giving hip-hop an official birthday. Fifty years later, Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious explores the people, places, and things that hip-hop has delivered unto us.  Together with Mass Appeal, Fotografiska has created the definitive destination to celebrate hip-hop’s global impact on visual expression – an immersive experience bringing together a community of artists that have documented this cultural phenomenon.

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  • Elizaveta Porodina’s: Un/Masked at Fotografiska

    2023-01-27 – 2023-04-30 · New York, United States
    Elizaveta Porodina’s: Un/Masked at Fotografiska

    Un/Masked reflects the past few years of Elizaveta’s life and work. Her imagery is surreal, dreamy and intimate, on occasion frightening, haunting and delicate. Tears and water are recurring themes in her images and she draws inspiration from her childhood in Russia, art, history, film and religion. Combining the intimate and the uncanny, Elizaveta pursues her subject matter with startling precision, achieving an intensity and freshness.

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  • ”Vintage,” a Great Elliott Erwitt Retrospective on Show

    2023-01-28 – 2023-06-11 · Abano Terme, Italy
    ”Vintage,” a Great Elliott Erwitt Retrospective on Show

    Until 11 June, it will be possible to visit Elliott Erwitt’s 'Vintage' exhibition at the Villa Bassi Rathgeb Museum: 154 photographs rarely shown to the public and thirty truly iconic shots of his work.

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  • Lomography+ Relocation

    2023-02-01 – 2023-04-30 · Tokyo, Japan
    Lomography+ Relocation

    Our Lomography+ store in Tokyo, Japan recently moved from our old location in Akihabara to Jimbo-cho. During the renovation period, check out our pre-opening hours and stay tuned for our official opening. With over 20 years of Lomographic history in Japan, we are very excited to welcome you in our brand new store!

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  • Between Friends: From the ICP Collection

    2023-02-27 – 2023-05-01 · New York, United States
    Between Friends: From the ICP Collection

    Between Friends: From the ICP Collection presents seven decades of photographers portraying their friends in snapshots, casual studio portraits, and going about their everyday lives.

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  • Apnea – Alexander Gonzalez Delgado: Photo Exhibition at Spazio Zephiro

    2023-03-04 – 2023-03-30 · Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
    Apnea – Alexander Gonzalez Delgado: Photo Exhibition at Spazio Zephiro

    On Saturday, March 4th, Alexander Gonzalez Delgado’s exhibition “Apnea” will open at Spazio Zephiro in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy). Photographs taken with the Lomography Analogue Aqua camera will be on display.

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  • MONO NO AWARE: Super-8 mm Color Reversal Filmmaking

    2023-03-06 – 2023-03-27 · New York, United States
    MONO NO AWARE: Super-8 mm Color Reversal Filmmaking

    Learn the art and craft of Super 8 mm filmmaking! This will be a hands-on class designed for the beginner that covers all aspects of Super 8 mm filmmaking: cameras, angle, story, exposure, lighting, editing, and projection. Participants will conceive, capture, hand-develop and edit their own projection ready film prints. 2 workshops in 1 as you will also learn how to mix chemistry and develop your own film. All equipment and materials will be provided for.

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