LomoMission: Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

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Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

We have teamed up with Masseria Wave to offer you the chance of winning a stay in the amazing La Restuccia - Masseria Urban, a former Masseria in Salento (Puglia, Southern Italy), as well as The Liberation printed Zine, Lomography cameras and more!

The Liberation is a project from Masseria Wave about freedom and celebration of individual identities: a journey between resistance and the control-taking of individuals who aim to leave behind past preconceptions while embracing evolution.

The Liberation was born as a zine to tell stories, dreams and personal experiences through many different lenses. Over time it developed to be both a journal and a collective magazine, and now, through this photography competition, also a space to share your creativity.

With this in mind, we invite you to submit up to 10 of your best analogue photographs taken with any film (or digital photos taken with any Lomography Art Lens) that in your opinion best defines the theme “The Liberation."

Each picture must indicate the camera, film or lens you used. This competition is open worldwide and closes on February 20th. Good luck!

1st prize
Two nights and three days stay** at Masseria Wave-La Restuccia (Lecce, Italy), a former fortified Masseria of the 18th century, now a place where culture lives and moves; The Liberation printed Zine + Lomography Diana F+ 120 film camera and a feature in a dedicated article in the zine.

**B&B formula for two people. Valid from June 1st 2023 to July 2023 30th. Subject to availability.

2nd prize
Free entry at two events at Masseria Wave during summer 2023, Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera + The Liberation printed Zine and a feature in a dedicated article in the zine.

3rd prize
The Liberation printed Zine and a feature in a dedicated article in the zine. One voucher worth 20USD/EUR for our Online Shop .

Even if your photo does not reach the podium, you will still have the chance to see your photo published on the Zine!

Masseriawave is a format born in spring 2020 when a historic masseria in the heart of Salento (Puglia, Southern Italy) was converted into a center of cultural production for creatives, digital nomads, and international artists with a focus on queer culture and events.

It is a space to nourish culture and create art through new connections, looking at the territory with new eyes and listening to the rhythm of change. An experimental wave that combines innovation and tradition, where old architecture and new cultures converge in an exciting and welcoming social environment.

Hundreds of years ago, the Masseria was a place where every family would gather to prepare food, celebrate the harvest, and rest. Today, it's a space where everyone is free to explore and get to know others through artistic dialogues, performances, and cultural events.

Masseria Wave wants to transcend the classic concept of tourism and offers a space for socializing and connecting: La Restuccia Masseria Urban is in fact a place for broadening horizons that includes 74 rooms, 2 suites, a swimming pool, a restaurant and spaces dedicated to DJ sets, art exhibitions, workshops, concerts, drag shows, and more. It's a bustle of culture in a landscape of tranquility and nature where you can feel free to be yourself. A place where a new generation of talent is free to present their latest projects for the rest of the world to see.

Photo by Eleonora Sabet on Lomography Color Negative film.

The Winners

Congratulations to: bellechennn, 007-0815-styler & vanhessa.