LomoMission: Just Like the Movies

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Just Like the Movies

Let your camera tell stories in a cinematic style and frame the next box office hit!

For this LomoMission, we’re challenging you to take photographs straight out of the silver screen. Drama, coming-of-age, thriller, noir, action — take ambient snapshots according to your preferred genre! You can recreate scenes from your favorite movie or create your very own analogue cinematic universe. The sky is the limit.

Submit your best film photos and get a chance to win a 10% discount code for our Online Shop! Each participant can enter up to 10 photographs shot on film. This competition will run until December 31, 2022. Good luck!

Photo by mattiacore

The Winners

Congratulations to: izmiguel, damianhovhannisyan, rj14, alicemariebrigitte & mooravei.