LomoMission: Disposable Fails

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Disposable Fails

No mistakes, only happy accidents! Show us all your random, unpredictable, exciting memories captured with fuss-free film cameras.

Fingers on the side of the picture, light leaks, blur, red eyes or lens flares... Using a disposable camera comes with many charming fails.

For this LomoMission we invite you to share your most amusing analogue pictures taken with a Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera or any humble disposable film camera out there. Live the moment, capture it on film, and forget all about it until seeing the prints!

Submit the most entertaining, comical, goofy or ridiculous photo and get a chance to win a 10% discount code for our Online Shop! Each participant can enter up to 10 photographs shot on film. This competition will run until July 31, 2022. Good luck!

Photo by: serra8

The Winners

Congratulations to: dvdw, 16293, schwarzesauge, astrochanph & oulpiana.