LomoMission: How to Be A Rule Breaker

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How to Be A Rule Breaker

To celebrate Film Photography Day, we encourage you to learn all the rules, so you can break them one photo at a time!

Lomography stands for a louder, freer style of shooting with film cameras and our 10 Golden Rules is the essence of what being a Lomographer is all about. For this special LomoMission, we challenge you to go through the list one by one, pick a favorite rule, and put your personal spin on it!

Express the fun, eccentric, and rebellious side of photography that Lomographers are known for through your photographs and be one of the five winners of a 30EUR/USD voucher for our Online Shop. Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs shot on film.

You have until May 1, 2021 to submit your photos. Don’t think, just shoot and most importantly, have fun with this challenge!

Photo by ccwu.

The Winners

Congratulations to: kraulenstattmaulen, frenchyfyl, justeparplaisir, fernandosciotto & eleonorepairet.