LomoMission: Lomography x William Klein x Polka Factory: Street Photography Competition

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Lomography x William Klein x Polka Factory: Street Photography Competition

Submit your pictures to our street photo contest in partnership with Polka Factory, organized on the occasion of the launch of the Lomo’Instant Wide William Klein. Reveal your talent and win a signed print by William Klein and the limited edition of the instant camera created in collaboration with the photographer.

New York, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo or Paris: William Klein had a fascination for these cities. Remembering New York in the Fifties, the photographer says: “I was in a trance, dazed by the possibilities of what my camera could do. My motto was 'Anything Goes'. It is still true today. No rules, no limits, no holding back.” A real intensity results in his images from his behavior. William Klein was awed by the movements in the streets, and he never stopped rewriting the rule book of Street Photography. As a Fashion photographer, William Klein did not hesitate to shoot his models in the “real world”, turning the streets into his photo studio. He was working with a wide-angle analogue camera but he still got very close to his subjects. There’s a blur, grain, and graphism in his work.

Like William Klein, break the rules of street photography, assume the coincidences, and win our contest organized in partnership with Polka in celebration of the newly launched Lomo’Instant Wide William Klein. Three photographers will be rewarded after the vote of Bastien Manac'h from Polka.

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs shot on film. This competition will run until January 15, 2021. Good luck!

“I think that of Lomography’s 10 Golden Rules, ‘don’t worry about any rules’ is one to keep.” — William Klein

For inspiration, don’t hesitate to read our interview with William Klein on the Lomography Magazine.

Photo credit: William Klein, Student demonstration, Paris 1995 (Painted c. 1999)

The Winners

Congratulations to: edwardconde and zairre.