LomoMission: LomoMission: Cinematic Stories

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LomoMission: Cinematic Stories

It is time to dive into the world of film!

For this LomoMission, we're looking for snapshots that are seemingly straight out of a movie. Whether you're a fan of comedy, romance, or even horror films, let us experience a cinematic world filled with interesting characters, dramatic lighting, and vibrant set-up. Take a leaf from the storyboard of your favorite flick or create a fictional world entirely your own, we'll be waiting with our popcorn and drinks ready!

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. Create stills worthy of the silver screen and be one of the five winners of a 10% discount code for our Online Shop!.

Photo by chengnanhuang

The Winners

Congratulations to: loewon, gregoire1969, stages-of-sleep, 1997yeh & checkoutjacob.