Lomography Awards: Future Generations: Special Category Award 2020

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Special Category Award 2020

Welcome to the open submission rounds of the Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2020! For this year's special category, reflect on your visions and hopes for the future.

Photography is a means to keep a record of what's happening today. It's a way to remember the events and lessons of the past. And now, we are challenging you to look beyond the present.

From taking steps on ensuring you are shaping a liveable society for your peers to leaving a legacy that the next generations will be thankful for. From examining how your actions now can make or break what lies ahead to making wishful thinking of a utopian future. Through your photographs, define what the future means to you.

Feel free to submit as many entries as you like! This competition ends on September 30, 2020. Lomography, together with our esteemed panel of jury, will select five of the best photographs to win a coveted spot in our Hall of Fame, the finest Lomography camera, and other surprises from our partners!

Photo by wil6ka

UPDATE: Check out the list of winners here.