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Her Story

Celebrate the grace, strength, and talent of women around the world through your film photographs!

March is Women's History Month, an annual event that aims to honor the contributions of women in society. Over the years, we've been privileged to be an avenue for photographers to share stories of many exceptional women — now is the time to put these photographs in the spotlight!

For this competition, we'd like to get to know the amazing women whom you look up to. Is it your mother who raised you to be the strong and independent person that you are today? Your teacher who taught you the value of learning? Or your neighborhood police officer who bravely keep your streets safe? Honor them through a striking portrait and you could be among the five winners of a 10% discount voucher for our Online Shop!

Each participant may submit up to 10 entries. This competition will run until March 15, 2020.

Photo by joncherry

The Winners

Congratulations to: ash, grishnakh, sleyatx, an4 & lomotmot.