Game Changers: New Perspective Award 2019

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New Perspective Award 2019

This serves as the Open Submissions round for the Game Changers category! Submit your photos showcasing new perspectives.

The whole Lomography movement started out when a group of footloose student started shooting from the hip with the LC-A. Since then, we've seen countless photographs who followed this freestyle way of taking photographs, letting us see the world from a refreshing vista. Challenge yourselves to explore a new and exciting point-of-view — shoot upside-down, from a high point, flat on the ground, and other unconventional ways only you are brave enough to try!

You may submit as many photos as you like! Here’s the catch: There'll be no prize and selected photographs will be included automatically in the final selection of our year-end TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Awards under the Game Changers category.

Photo by joshsjackson


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