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Elena a.k.a. @nacarilegea before leaving Bandung

From left to right : Elena's friend name Marta ; @hervinsyah ; @nacarilegea ------ Elena a.k.a. @nacarilegea Madrid, Spain based lomographer has message me that she want to backpacking with her friend to some island in Indonesia. Unfortunately my hometown Bandung are not listed as the destination that she plan to visit. But I'm surprise when she message me again and ask the hostel in Bandung that she could possibly to stay. I'm very happy because I haven't did lomowalk with another country lomographer before. Stupid me at this apps era my old school phone cell didn't have a whatsapp application so my communication with her are very miss haha very very sorry Elena. So when she message me at my lomohomes I was did lomowalk right at the place she and her friend did a lomowalk too at the same time but I late to read it because my old school mobile phone didn't have an internet access either. Many thanks to @kuryzu who helped to communicate with her through whatsapp. Then we wait her but we have no clue which one is Elena since she rare to did selfie at her lomohomes (=p). When I search at her earlier photo at OMG she upload her first photo in 2004 mean that she is very senior lomographer ^_^ but in Bandung most of us are not knowing her as much as they crazy with famous Spain lomographer Martha's sister who name also Elena (=p). Until there are two Spanish lookalike (haha it's just my guess) girl who entered the hostel that we recomended to her and when they wan to leave the hostel suddenly @kuryzu introducing himself and ask if one of them are Elena/ and yes, haha Thanks God because they are just ready want to leaving Bandung to the train station to catch their early morning flight in Tangerang airport to went back home. After little chitchat I ask them to snip snap for a while because "no photo = hoax" right? =p Ahh, very nice to meet another lomographer from another country eventhough only for a 30 minute. See you later Elena, hope we will do a lomowalk in the future and say hi to your beautiful friend Marta who really love Indonesian gurih food also very sorry for this underexposure result T_T

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