Breaking Boundaries: Where I Stand

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Where I Stand

On your next travel, point your camera downwards and lead us to the unique pathways you've walked on!

From the artistic manholes in Japan to the pink sand of Bahamas to the colorful staircases of San Franciso, countries around the world are rife with delightful, photography-worthy walkways.

For this Breaking Boundaries competition, we want to see the most amazing places you've ever set foot on, literally. Share snapshots of the interesting floor designs that you stood on and ace this challenge. Bonus points for having a stylish footwear!

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. This competition, which serves as the qualifying round for the Breaking Boundaries category, is open to all.

Photo by tiano.

The Winners

Congratulations to: rls, mjaa, raywychin, gocchin, joshsjackson, jazztrio2014, peter_po, quaisoir, hollyapl, sonjay & gakurou.