Breaking Boundaries: Travel Tokens

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Travel Tokens

Aside from photographs, intrepid travelers turn to local markets for one-of-a-kind mementos to remember their adventure by. What are the most unique souvenirs that you've spotted and collected during your travels?

Japan's handmade wishing Daruma dolls, Italy's traditional Venetian masks, South Africa's intricate bead works. Every country has handicrafts that are unique to their culture. Share the stories---from the way they're carefully made to their artistic presentation in stores---behind fascinating local finds that you encountered during your trip.

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. This competition, which serves as the qualifying round for Breaking Boundaries, is open to all.

Preview photos by knipsomat.

The Prizes

  1. Voucher worth 50 EUR for Lomography online shop × 1
  2. 15 Piggies for the Lomography online shop × 10

The Winners

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