Lomography Awards: 25 Years of Lomography: LomoWall Italy

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LomoWall Italy

Whether you were raised in Rome or just passing through Pisa, we want to see your shots of the spaghetti capital of the world.

Are you ready to go global? To celebrate 25 Years of Lomography, we’re offering you the chance to have your work displayed in a worldwide photography exhibition. We’re constructing international LomoWalls in every corner of this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering planet we live on, and we want to feature your pictures! Each LomoWall will be a stunning mosaic of images of different countries that invites us to see the world through each other’s eyes. Whether you’re showing us an intrinsic part of your identity as a citizen of this beautiful country or sharing something you learned when you passed through on your adventures, we want to see your take on it. You can submit up to 10 images. Make sure you #tag each of them with the right country name before hitting submit! There will be 10 winners for each country, and each of these winners will have their work included in one of our international LomoWalls. They’ll also qualify for the special category of the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards, the biggest competition series in the world dedicated to creative and experimental photography. And that’s not all — as well as featuring your work, we want you to help us spread love and understanding across the globe through the power of photography. Head over to the Lomography Magazine to find out how to build your own LomoWall and get involved!

Photo by sirio174 - thanks!