Lomography Awards: Trial and Error: Coffee, Beer, Wine

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Coffee, Beer, Wine

These beverages are more than just a company or part of celebrations. Surprisingly, coffee, beer, and wine can be used to develop film negatives, too.

Have you heard of coffeenol, beernol, or winol? These are alternative film processing techniques that use coffee, beer, and wine, respectively, as developers. For this competition, we're looking for photographs that are developed using these processes.

If this is your first time encountering these techniques, peruse these tutorials (coffeenol beernol, winol) before diving into this challenge!

Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. Please make sure that you're photos are properly tagged or captioned with the process you used! This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Trial and Error category.

Photo by poepel

The Winners

Congratulations to: daviocious, alixunderplatz, elegia, trad69, peter_po, hervinsyah, chourique, icantstandpickles, chourique & daviocious.