Trekking | Mount Sumbing 3,371 masl | Yashica FX3 | Kodak Ektar 100 (exp) | DIY C41

Celebrating new year 2017, me & my friends went hiking to Mount Sumbing (3,371 masl) located in Central Java. The five of us (I'm the only girl in the group) took Mangli Kaliangkrik trek to reach the top. As our friends from Magelang said it's one the a beautiful and less 'crowded' than other route trek (not to mention it's believed to be spooky & mystical as well) hahaha. It's truly beautiful though, we saw pine forest (found a lot of air plants that I really want to bring it home but too scary to take anything from forest haha), first amazing sunrise in 2017, hills, edelweiss and awesome view that you can only see in the mountain :D