In the interests of assessing my past year's progress, I dug out the first set of pics I shot as a lomographer, and decided to post the out-takes - those shots I didn't post at the time, for whatever reason. I've had a troll through my early albums and I think they're all here for a first showing, gb me if you've seen any before and I'll scrub them. The camera was my Symbol, bought for me by my father back in the eighties (he provided for my lomographic future well, I'd also been given a Fed 4, which I still have, for passing my 11 plus exam to the grammar school). The Symbol was used only very intermittently as a snapshot camera for family holidays until I discovered this site. I thought, 'Hey that Symbol's a Lomo' dug it out, and loaded it with Kodak Max 800 for some reason, it's way beyond any of the ratings on it. So I set theminimum aperture, the maximum shutter speed and started out on a fine sunny day. I think the reason many haven't been posted before is because the site doesn't seem to allow large size, or even convenient, viewing of portrait format pics. Unless anyone knows any different of course, in which case please let me know.

Symbol Out-takes