my 1999-2002 highschool band mate, Hilman Adhi Setyawan

Visiting Barelang (Batam - Rempang - Galang) island with a big help from my senior high school band mate circa 1999-2002 in Semarang, Hilman Adhi Setyawan who are the sea police officer now in Batam while don't know what to do with me & my family vacation after attending my cousins ( @taufik_rachman 's sister) wedding in Batam --- --- --- . And found this is the best destination I've visited during our Batam trip. Too bad we went there at noon so it's too late to explore it all. We only visited until jembatan (bridge) 5 and there is still one more jembatan we didn't visit because it was almost late afternoon and my parent still want to bought some souvenir in town. Oh should back here alone and this is very recomended to visit. Great traditional seafood reastaurant along the road , beautiful island view, amazing Vietnam war refugee museum --- , oh unforgetable Barelang Batam