Chernobyl Exclusion Zone -

Extrem vacations: End of september I spent 4 days within the "Chernobyl Exlusion zone". Creepy and surreal as hell... and with a morbid note of beauty. We visited a lot of different places within the zone: old villages, farms, the Duga-3 Radar, Pripyat & the ferrywheel and the power plant itself. And yes: There are still a lot of radiation-hotspots. Certainly we never went to this places! If you have any questions, just leave a comment! ;-) // Extremurlaub: Ende September 2017 habe ich 4 Tage in der Sperrzone von Tschernobyl verbracht. Unheimlich, surreal und auf eine morbide Art auch sehr schön... Zusammen mit einer Reisegruppe haben wir uns verschiedene Orte angeschaut: Verlassene Dörfer, alte Farmbetriebe, die Duga-3 Radarstation, die Geisterstadt Pripyat samt Riesenrad und sogar das Kraftwerk selbst. Ja, es gibt dort noch viele stark verstrahlte Orte, doch natürlich hat unser Guide uns dort nicht hingeführt. ;-)


  1. enial
    enial ·

    Fascinating albums! It's nice to see how untouched that place still looks although there have been quite many visitors. Walls aren't covered with graffitis, all the items haven't been robbed etc.

  2. docsavage
    docsavage ·

    @enial Yeah! The number of visitors increases every year, maybe every month... unfortunately!
    I'm afraid a few years in the future the walls will be covered with graffitis and the demolition will increase as well...

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