Redscale & Masks

I've been playing around with acetate masks in a few cameras. I've used lots of different shapes, music notes, writing etc. Quite like how this looks but now I'm a little worried it might be offensive :-/ Please let me know if so!


  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Love it. The text looks Arabic, and upside down. Do you have the translation? I would love to know what it says :)

  2. crevans27
    crevans27 ·

    @mafiosa thank you! I have no idea, I just went for a range of different images, texts and shapes to try out. Can't believe I put it upside down! Hopefully someone will be able to translate and it's not offensive!

  3. nanigo
    nanigo ·

    also cant tell you what it means, so dont know it it is offensive, but it looks magnificent!

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