Nikola Gostiny's church (The Church Of St. Nicholas Seating)

Lazareva Street, Kolomna, Moscow region. Russia.
Camera: Pentax Spotmatic SP II (№5247478)
Lens: MC Macro-Revuenon 28 mm ƒ3.5
Film: ADOX CHS 100 II + dev. D-76
Scanner: Pakon F235+
Photo taken: 02/06/2018

One of the oldest churches in the Kolomna Kremlin. It was built in 1501. The name of the church is associated with its purpose, as it was patronal for the Kolomna association (corporation) of merchants-guests. The church acquired a modern look after perestroika in 1848.
In the Soviet period, in accordance with Order No. 18 of the Meeting of the Presidium of the Moscow Regional Executive Committee and the Moscow Council of the RK and the KD of November 11, 1929, the Temple was closed. The last priest of the church was Father Vasily Radugin. In the early 1930's. in the church there was a transit point. Until August 2002, the building housed a sports school.

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