During a break in a stakeholder's meeting planning the conduct of a health caravan in the community, I had the chance to take portraits of this Aeta family who now resides in the nearby Aeta village. Aetas are indigenous peoples in the Philippines that live scattered around the mountainous regions of Luzon. They are characterized by their dark skin, short stature and curly to kinky hair, most of which are naturally light-colored or blond. Traditionally women wear plain colored cloth to wrap their bodies from shoulder to the knee while men use loin cloth to cover their privates. At present, these traditional clothes are worn during cultural rites. Due to the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption, many of them living in the Zambales and Tarlac mountains were forced to evacuate to safety in the lowlands. While many have returned to their ancestral areas, some families have found comfort living in communities that benefitted from housing projects by governments and NGOs.

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