Festival Sonorama 2012_Aranda de Duero



  1. pam-stach
    pam-stach ·

    nice shot and nice moment :)

  2. eran-bonobo
    eran-bonobo ·

    Could be crying... Definitly smilling...

  3. alaitzoleaga
    alaitzoleaga ·

    thanks @pam-stach and @eran-bonobo, yes, she was laughing but she desn't like being photographied, maybe that why I like taking her pics...

  4. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Cool photo. :)

  5. ghidini
    ghidini ·

    Beautiful shot

  6. liisachisholm
    liisachisholm ·

    this photograph (and it's subject) are beautiful, such a perfect capture of a moment:)

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