If you read my little blurbs in the margins beside my photo series than you've probably picked up the fact that I am pretty darn passionate about glamour and nude photography. My reason is this, with the advent of digital post production glamour and nude photographers often don't find themselves shooting people anymore. They're shooting the digital workspace for editing later. Disappearing freckles, bigger boobs, smaller wrinkles. It's uninteresting and disingenuous.

I believe that people can are beautiful in many different shapes. It's their sense of presence and command of the lens that makes a good shot. So I shot a decadence and indulgence themed photo shoot with Anna. Cigarettes, wine, chocolate. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were spending a lazy morning in a breakfast nook with her, admiring her.

This is also the most work I've done at incorporating the fourth wall into my composition. All of her instructions with the camera were to treat the camera like a person and periodically she reacts in ways that invite the viewer. This culminates when she pulls out the chair.

Also, my first time with the Great Wall PF-1. I am all over that camera.

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