Waiting for the Train, Central Business District

Holga photos of the central business district (CBD) of New Orleans. I used an expired roll of Kodak Tmax with a Red 25 filter. Even though it was a very sunny day, I am suprised at how dark these pictures turned out. The sky looks almost black in many of these pcitures.


  1. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    The red filter takes away 3 stops of exposure, which is a lot for iso 100 film in a point and shoot holga. If it wasn't very sunny you might not have had a printable photo. Expired film usually needs an extra stop of compensation also (it loses some sensitivity over time), but b/w film holds up better than color.

  2. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    @jamescat22 this is true. I hadn't thought that my film would be so affected by age, since it had only recently expired (I think it was in 2011). I love the drama that a red filter adds to skies, so I tried my luck. Most of the pictures only turned out well with double exposure (more light), because there isn't really a way to compensate for exposure value on a Holga.

  3. jamescat22
    jamescat22 ·

    Oh sorry, I didn't notice the meta for the film expiration. BW film five years past expiration is still pretty fresh. I've shot 50 yr old verichrome pan that might need a extra stop. Anyway, I know we're supposed to embrace this Lomo philosophy of shoot from the hip and do whatever, but I've taken to carrying a light meter. You can get blood from a stone and you can't get images without light. Yes, you can't adjust much on a holga but at least it's nice to know whether it's worth even bothering to shoot or at least upping the iso the next time you try. Double exposures almost demand under exposure. Nice work anyway.

  4. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    @jamescat22 I had a pretty strong suspicion that my photos for this roll would need extra exposure time. Generally, if I'm using a red filter, things on the Holga end up pretty dark unless I am shooting in very bright sunshine. I have been using this particular camera for seven years, so I am fairly used to it's peculiarities. I almost never shoot from the hip, as I have nothing that has auto-focus. I usually just "burn" a roll of film for each project and then learn from my mistakes. ^__^

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