On the morning prior to departure back to Manila, I toured around the city proper of Iligan all by myself with a clear mission to lomograph the city. I went to the city plaza to specifically check on the space that used to be the nerve center of gathering and distribution of relief goods for flashflood survivors at the height of the disaster response. When I arrived at the space, there were no longer mountains of dry goods and old clothes being repacked (unlike what I saw 3 weeks earlier). What's left are the tents that used to shelter the relief goods as well as tarpaulin wall advertising San Miguel beer (one of the best local beers in the country) serving as backdrop on the stage. More than two months past the tragic event, the relief phase has already ended despite many still expressing their dire need for relief. Considering the grave and widespread destruction specially in the riverside communities, I hope Iligan has fully recovered by now and the people have moved on with their lives.

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