When I took lomographs of my morning walk around the city proper, the resulting images reflected a different Iligan that is very far from the devastation that is clearly visible in areas near the river. Two months after typhoon Sendong wreaked havoc, the city proper seemed to have returned to its sense of normalcy where economics (specially informal trade) has been back to a state of 'business as usual.' Jeepneys, cars and other motor vehicles had reclaimed their territoriality of the typical busy streets. Pedestrians, merchants and other ordinary people were all around attending to their own affairs. Shops, restaurants and other commercial establishments were all open to welcome habitues and entice the passers-by. The smell of durian and other tropical fruits in season permeated the air. But a short ride to areas near the river, one would see a different picture that is far from a sunshiny city - an Iligan that is still grieving for the tragic loss of lives, properties and livelihood. I hope the recovery efforts will be a lot faster than it is now so that the entire city can heal its wounds and the survivors will soon be able to rebuild their lives anew.

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