developed without diluting the developer with water


  1. maria_vlachou
    maria_vlachou ·


  2. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    What kind of developer it was? Was the negative normally exposed or not and that was the reason to use concentrated developer? In any case the result is great!

  3. ces1um
    ces1um ·

    The camera was outfitted with a red filter and as it uses a TTL metering system, I exposed the shot normally. I metered off the ground rather than using the bright snow lake behind the subject. I am pretty sure the developer was rodinol but I developed it at the local community college and they change their chemicals intermittently. The reason for the concentrated developer was I hadn't had my first cup of the coffee of the day and literally forgot to dilute it. I remember following the instructions/timings for a 1:1 dilution but forgot to add the water. All the photos came out very high contrast, and I really like the effect personally. I may forget to dilute things again sometime.

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