Burkina Portrait Project

I had this project to shoot as many portraits as possible during my stay in Burkina Faso. The new Jupiter3+ lens was perfect for this project and mounted on the Canon P it gave me a great tool to realise it. To focus precisely at very close distance isn't always easy, specially at f1.5 to f2.8... For every portrait I tried to focus on the eyes of the people and saw on the results that the sharp focus was more on their ear.... that is around 8-10 cm difference. So I checked my Canon P and noticed that the rangefinder alignement wasn't perfect... This little distance plays no role when shooting at f5.6 or upwards, but at f1.5 to f2.8 and for under 1 meter distance it makes a difference. But even if some of the faces are a bit unsharp, the picture remains very soft and nice with a cool bokeh in the background. I finally fixed the alignement of the rangefinder and hope to get sharper pictures next time.

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