My first try with the Tiger 110 film on a lomowalk with my friend Noe (noe_arteaga) in downtown L.A. last October.


  1. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    Great shot! Remember when th American Apparel guys got mad at us? Jerks! This photo came out great!!

  2. he-mo
    he-mo ·

    like this

  3. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    @noe_arteaga American Apparel guys are always jerks, pleated balloned khaki shorts with folded hems and superfluous belt loops? Really, that is the look?

  4. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    @kylethefrench LOL, I actually really like the AA aesthetic. It's all about how you work their basics into your own style. The comment was because Grazie took this photo when we were at the AA Factory and they don't allow photography!!

  5. mapix
    mapix ·

    great one!!!

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