Sveta, make-up artist

for these doubles I have decided to use my portraits archive. All of the portraits featured here were taken by me back in 2007-2011. I over layered it with planets and graphics. I really love the results!


  1. asmeuk
    asmeuk ·

    Wow ! Just wow. You album is crazy, and this one is amazing !

  2. neja
    neja ·

    @asmeuk the original portrait is actually featured in this new book:

  3. ironsymphony
    ironsymphony ·


  4. lostlittlekid
    lostlittlekid ·

    These are so cool! Love the the whole album!!! Great work!

  5. asmeuk
    asmeuk ·

    @neja Nice one. Also checked your holga book. Impressive. Keep going

  6. neja
    neja ·

    @asmeuk. Thank u! I will!

  7. pomps
    pomps ·

    this album is just amazing! love each photo!

  8. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·


  9. jeanne_d_arctique
    jeanne_d_arctique ·

    beautiful shot!

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