build a temple

I was entering the most beautiful forest. Sky was grey and light softly penetrated through the wet branches. Humid leaves on the ground made fresh noises after my steps. I approached the biggest tree; "open your eyes" I heard: a mask nestled into the roots was gently smiling at me. So I did. Through a chink on the ceiling, pale rays of light illuminated the cave I found myself in. It felt like ages since I sat there, I suddenly stood up and my head was spinning. I felt dizzy but what I saw afterwards changed my life. The forest still in my eyes started to fade dramatically, I saw bright lights where there was shade, showing people where there were leaves. Cars broke the silence, the chaos of concrete jungle overwhelmed me; I fell. Before my tears a figure got clear and spoke to me: "Balance exists within things and beings. Go and build a house for the communion between human and nature."

adventure architecture bew buddha jungle nature thailand
Leica R6
build a temple
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