Stop the World

As busy as our lives are, it was such a memorable day this summer when I, along with my husband, daughter, son and dog, hiked a trail around Signal Hill in St. John's, Newfoundland. We grabbed the camera and took some beautiful pictures along the way. Like many moms, I prefer to be behind the camera taking pictures of my family and friends. The scenery around Signal Hill is beautiful and after taking many pictures of everyone, my 13 year old daughter suggested she take a picture of my husband and I. She took the picture through the heart shaped cut-out of a door. I really love how this picture turned out, it definitely felt like a 'Stop the World' moment to me. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary, and when was the last time I wrote a heart around our names or a picture of us? This picture symbolizes a love that is still going strong at a time that is so very busy in our lives. We need more of these 'Stop the World' moments for sure, and they do not need to be monumental. A simple view of yourself with your partner or spouse through a heart-shaped cut-out worked for me. My husband and I are from Newfoundland, we would be honored to see Come From Away together. Thanks for considering us.