1. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·


  2. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres ·

    Thanks @steamtug1959 😎👍📷

  3. whiteouttheworld
    whiteouttheworld ·

    I love the moody look of Fomapan here, it really complements the atmosphere.

  4. drummond
    drummond ·

    lovely place

  5. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres ·

    @whiteouttheworld @drummond thanks a lot for your kind comments ! this photo is special to me. 🙏

  6. drummond
    drummond ·

    found a fully working Zenit 122 ( light meter too ! ) in my cupboard🤔

  7. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres ·

    @drummond nice to hear ! it's a very good camera, hope you have a good lens to come with !
    The quality of Zenit cameras is quite random. Either they are as good as new, either they are totally junk. I read that the quality standards were quite low, especially in the seventies/eighties period, and most of the time they didn't pass the test of time. But if they did, lucky you, you can be quite sure that you will keep them a veeeery long time...
    I believe the best Zenit cameras are the TTL, the 122, and above all, the 12XP.

  8. drummond
    drummond ·

    but what to do in low light ?
    i often shoot slow shutter speeds, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, and i use ISO 100 and 200 films, but the Zenits end at 1/30

  9. mackiechartres
    mackiechartres ·

    @drummond I recommand the use of foma 400 with this cam, check also this pic taken the same day:
    it works also well with foma 100 or 200, in daylight, like here : www.lomography.jp/homes/mackiechartres/albums/2409052-06-20…
    but I was helped by the quality of the lens, the excellent Helios 44M-4, it opens at 1:2. If you use one of those common small lenses like the Industar 69, you'll get less aperture and a softer image.

  10. drummond
    drummond ·

    Merci beaucoup !
    i will try it with the Fomapan 400 and with a fast 50mm lens.

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