Travel Tales

We had been travelling around Spain for roughly a week on our grand tour around Europe. We were in the scorching heat of Sevilla in southern Spain. Preparing a night out by washing down a jug of sangria at our hostel, a young Australian man sat down with us and asked us if he could sit with us. He told us tales of his travels so far, which didn't particularly interest us, he was a jockey kind of guy. Anyway he told us his favourite place he had visited was this place called Terifa, the most southern point of Spain (not Gibraltar). Next day we packed our bags for Milan. It turned out that the next train was tomorrow, we had to come up with a new plan, when we thought of this guy we thought we might as well try it out for the experience whether good or bad. After a train down to Cadiz and a bus through the hills we arrived at the walled town of Terifa with it's windy cobbled streets and bright white buildings with shaded roof terraces. The sun was setting and we wanted to refresh so down to the two adjacent beaches one in the Atlantic one the Mediterranean with the Moroccan backdrop. This is the sunset on our days travels.


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    the images in this album are all fantastic!

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    congrats on the rumble success with this, its well deserved!

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    great colour

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    Great pic! Great trip stories! :)

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