1. kibs
    kibs ·

    really great doubles! :)

  2. usernamed
    usernamed ·

    VERY NICE!!!

  3. fmadera
    fmadera ·

    wow ! how do you make that ??? Greetings

  4. lamp
    lamp ·

    Great shot!

  5. ajagee24701
    ajagee24701 ·

    WOW! That turned out awesome!

  6. kitija
    kitija ·


  7. grinningcat
    grinningcat ·


  8. mauricefdo
    mauricefdo ·

    When I double-expose, I underexpose 1 or 2 stops to get a correct exposed image, but I can't get this white sky (background) Do you underexpose or just take the pic normally?

  9. weidong
    weidong ·

    @mauricefdo hi! i did those double when there wasn't sun but cloudy and white sky. if i did the same with blu sky wouldnt came out the same result. better numb than sun!

  10. neoplan
    neoplan ·


  11. retro-girl
    retro-girl ·


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