Past Events

  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas

    2022-06-18 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas

    We’re excited to announce our LomoWalk Metropolis: Las Vegas on Saturday June 18th, hosted by Edden Amber. For the first 10 participants that sign up, we’ll be providing a free roll of LomoChrome Metropolis (available in 35 mm, 120 and 110) film as well as a discounted dev+scan opportunity at PhotoShack Las Vegas. Everyone else may attend with their own gear!

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  • Free Film: NYC Red Hook / Brooklyn

    2022-06-05 – 2022-06-15 · United States
    Free Film: NYC Red Hook / Brooklyn

    FREE FILM : NYC follows the footsteps of the previous iterations as a meditation on community and local culture. The Airstream-darkroom will take up residency in a given neighborhood and distribute free rolls of film to the general public, and WORTHLESSSTUDIOS will partner with local community organizations and hold youth workshops where students will learn how to use a film camera, focus a lens and process and print film using professional equipment provided by FREE FILM. Over the course of the next year and a half, the project will make its way around New York to document each borough, neighborhood by neighborhood.

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  • WORKSHOP: Black & White Film Developing

    2022-06-11 · Spain
    WORKSHOP: Black & White Film Developing

    In this workshop we will learn how to process our black and white film in the easiest and most fun way. We will start the workshop at 10am at the Lomography Embassy Barcelona with an introduction to the basics of chemical photography and how a camera works. Next, we will each carry a camera and walk around the neighborhood to shoot the film, which we will immediately process ourselves in the laboratory.

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  • KOBOgraphy: a Photography Exhibition by Kobo Studio Supported by Lomography

    2022-05-21 – 2022-06-01 · Italy
    KOBOgraphy: a Photography Exhibition by Kobo Studio Supported by Lomography

    The KOBOgraphy exhibition, open until the 1st of June, will feature photos from 6 authors shot exclusively with Lomography cameras and films.

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  • Leicester LoFI & Bring The Paint – LomoChrome Metropolis Street Art Lomowalk

    2022-05-29 · United Kingdom
    Leicester LoFI & Bring The Paint – LomoChrome Metropolis Street Art Lomowalk

    We have partnered with Leicester Lo-Fi and Bring The Paint for a special Street Art Lomowalk using the LomoChrome Metropolis film. We will start the walk at Lo-Fi HQ where you will be able to pick a camera of your choice (or bring your own if you wish) There will be some rolls of LomoChrome Metropolis film in 35 mm and 120 format to choose from too. Then we’ll head across Leicester to various hotspots seeking out some street art. We will finish the walk at Graffwerk HQ where there will be a Family Day At The Mill event with music, food and live graffiti. We will collect the films in and get them processed and scanned for you by Take It Easy Film Lab.

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  • Lomography x Liquida Photofestival: LomoWalk Torino

    2022-05-28 · Italy
    Lomography x Liquida Photofestival: LomoWalk Torino

    Join us for this special LomoWalk in collaboration with Liquida Photofestival, and share our passion for analogue photography!

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  • Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    2022-05-28 · Spain
    Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    Learn the basics of shooting with a film camera and other creative techniques in this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona! Then, test your skills with the classic Diana F+ camera and Lomography Color Negative 400 in a LomoWalk around the “El Born” neighborhood. Limited slots are available so reserve yours now!

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  • Street Photography Workshop

    2022-05-21 · Spain
    Street Photography Workshop

    Next Saturday, May 21 at 10:00 a.m., you have an appointment at the Lomography Embassy Barcelona with Urban Photography! Street photography is one of the most challenging photographic genres but at the same time one of the most exciting. Documenting people in their everyday environment is not easy: it takes patience, hard work, and sometimes even a little bravery to be able to approach and photograph complete strangers.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Göteborg

    2022-05-21 · Sweden
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Göteborg

    Join us on May 21st at 2pm for our first LomoWalk in Gothenburg! In collaboration with our friends at Götaplatsens Foto and La Mer Nordique, you will get to test the desaturated tones of the LomoChrome Metropolis Film. Daniel Jonsson from La Mer Nordique will guide you through this Metropolis street-photography experience, and Götaplatsens Foto will provide you with free processing and scanning for your film. Number of participants is limited to 10, make sure to sign-up and bring your own 35 mm camera!

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  • The Photo Marathon of Photo Club de Lille

    2022-05-20 – 2022-05-21 · France
    The Photo Marathon of Photo Club de Lille

    The 12th edition of the Lille Photo Marathon will be held on May 20 and 21, 2022. Nearly 80 participants to this photo contest will take up the challenge of taking pictures in answer to 10 imposed themes in a given time. A jury will choose the winning shots which will be exhibited at the end of the event. Lomography will be giving away a La Sardina DIY camera as a rewards for the film photography category.

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  • Lomography at Orléans Vintage Festival

    2022-05-20 – 2022-05-21 · France
    Lomography at Orléans Vintage Festival

    On May 20 et 21, discover the Orléans Vintage Festival 2022. During this French festival, you will be able to get your photo taken with the Lomo’Instant Wide camera in a very retro atmosphere. The most creative picture of the weekend will be rewarded with a Lomo’Instant Sanremo so you can have even more fun experimenting with instant photography.

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  • 120×120

    2022-05-14 – 2022-05-16 · Singapore

    Armed with a passion to build interest in and expand the analogue photography community in Singapore, local photography collective is organising exhibition, walks, workshops and more, all dedicated to medium format photography! Join them and get the chance to discover great photo spots in Chinatown with a Lomography Diana F+ camera.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: San Antonio

    2022-05-07 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: San Antonio

    We’ve teamed up with The Photo Center in San Antonio to host a LomoWalk centered on LomoChrome Metropolis! Their team will guide the walk and answer any questions you have about shooting the film. The number of participants is limited, so make sure to sign up fast!

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  • Caffenol & Wineol Film Developing Workshop

    2022-05-07 · Spain
    Caffenol & Wineol Film Developing Workshop

    Coffee or wine? In this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona, you’ll learn how to develop your black and white film rolls using caffenol (coffee-based process) and wineol (wine-based process). After a lecture, you’ll take a quick photowalk with the Diana F+ then process the rolls with these alternative methods! Limited slots are available.

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  • LomoWalk Wien + Filmentwicklungsworkshop

    2022-04-30 · Austria
    LomoWalk Wien + Filmentwicklungsworkshop

    Join this LomoWalk in Vienna in partnership with Photo Cluster! This will be followed by a self-development workshop at Photo Cluster’s darkroom.

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  • LomoWalk with the Lomography Color Negative in Paris

    2022-04-30 · France
    LomoWalk with the Lomography Color Negative in Paris

    Join us on April 30 2022 for a LomoWalk in Paris that will be the perfect ending to celebrate Film Photography Month. Photographer and Youtuber Menak will guide in the streets of Paris with the Lomography Color Negative film and you will be able to experiment and follow the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography. Then our partner Nation Photo will show you how they develop your films in their lab. The number of participants is limited, so reservation is required.

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  • World Pinhole Photography Day

    World Pinhole Photography Day

    Slow down and celebrate the art of pinhole photography. Whether you are shooting with special gear or a homemade one from a matchbox, can, or even an egg, challenge your imagination and show what a humble pinhole camera is capable of!

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  • Self-Development & Scanning Workshop

    2022-04-23 · Japan
    Self-Development & Scanning Workshop

    Learn all about developing your own B&W films and scanning your own negatives in this workshop, held in the Lomography+ store Tokyo! Each participant will receive a roll of Lady Grey B&W 400 iso 35 mm and a DigitaLIZA Max.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis Portland

    2022-04-23 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis Portland

    Bring your film cameras, forget the rules and let’s shoot from the hip as we stroll through the downtown metropolis! Our friends at Pro Photo Supply will guide the walk, answer any questions you may have about shooting with LomoChrome Metropolis film, and tell you all about our 10 Golden Rules!

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  • LomoWalk Nottingham

    2022-04-23 · United Kingdom
    LomoWalk Nottingham

    Go on a LomoWalk with photographer and teacher Daniel Wheeler and Take it Easy Lab, using Lomography film to celebrate Film Photography Day! This includes the processing and scan of your film, too!

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  • Expolaroid Exhibition at Galerie de la Clé

    2022-04-07 – 2022-04-23 · France
    Expolaroid Exhibition at Galerie de la Clé

    Photographer Anaël Boulay will be exhibiting his photographs taken with LomoGraflok​ 4×5 Instant Back​. The exhibition will take place at the Galerie de la Clé in Paris as part of the instant photography festival EXPOLAROID, which will also feature the works of Romain Battaglia and Mélina Zauber. ​Join us at the launch event happening on 7 April 2022.

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  • Niagara Film Co ‘Learn & Shoot’ Workshop

    2022-04-22 · Canada
    Niagara Film Co ‘Learn & Shoot’ Workshop

    Niagara Film Co. invites you to their first workshop! Learn all the basics when it comes to shooting on film in during a lecture then test your skills on a two-hour shoot at the CNCPT Room studio space. A roll of 36-exposure film will be provided for all the participants, which will be developed and scanned after the event.

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  • Film Photography Day 2022

    Film Photography Day 2022

    In 2013, we celebrated the first Film Photography Day. Since then, we’ve made it a yearly habit to honor the creativity and the passion of analogue photography-lovers around the world through exciting workshops, fun parties, and buzz-worthy photo exhibits! Let the good times roll and stay tuned for an event near you!

  • Lomography x EXP.22: Instagram Live with Lena Storjohann (lalouve)

    Lomography x EXP.22: Instagram Live with Lena Storjohann (lalouve)

    Want to know more about the upcoming edition of EXP.22? Join our special Lomography Instagram Live on 7 April 2022 at 8:00 pm (UTC/GMT+2) and get to know Lomographer lalouve one of this year’s guests at EXP.22 and the Festival founders.

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  • Grassi Museum × analogueNOW!

    2022-04-02 – 2022-04-03 · Germany
    Grassi Museum × analogueNOW!

    The Grassi Museum for applied arts invites you to their special exhibition “ANALOG TOTAL” featuring contemporary analogue photographers and artists. The two-day event also includes workshops and presentations covering a variety of image-making techniques from wet-plate photography, pinhole workshop for kids, and more. Drop by on 2 April 2022 for a social meetup at the museum. See you there!

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