How do I clean my Petzval 85 Art lens?

Like most old Petzval lenses, the New Petzval 85 Art Lens is constructed with a non-tightened air space for inserting the aperture plates between the rear lens element group and front elements. For maintenance and cleaning, the front lens element can be removed. To remove the front lens element, simply unscrew it.
Please follow the following steps:

- Take off the lens hood
- Screw of the front lens element (don´t be scared the whole cylinder will come off as a whole – no single lens should drop)
- blow out with compressed air
- use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass if necessary.
- use separate cloth for glass and cylinder as the cylinder can be a bit oily and you don´t want to grease your lens!
- screw the front lens element back in place
- put the lens hood back on
- find a subject to shoot
- enjoy shooting!

written on 2017-04-07 in #petzval-85