How do I use my Daguerreotype Achromat with my Fuji X and rangefinder?

If you’re using a Fuji X body to shoot with your Daguerreotype Achromat Lens, you need to make sure the following settings are enabled:

“SHOOT WITHOUT LENS – this can be found under “SHOOTING MENU 3”. If you don’t enable this setting, your camera won’t fire!
MOUNT ADAPTER SETTING – also found under “SHOOTING MENU 3”. By enabling this setting you let your camera know what focal length your lens is. This focal length is then recorded in your EXIF data. There are several preset focal lengths to choose from, and two programmable ones.
MF ASSIST – this one is found under “SHOOTING MENU 4”, and consists of three different options that will help you focus with your Daguerreotype Achromat. There options are:

  • Standard: This helps you get super sharp shots by zooming in to you check focus at pixel level.
  • Digital Split Image (not an option on X-E1 and X-Pro 1): This is similar to split image viewfinders on manual film SLR cameras. It shows you your image split into two halves. When the two halves of the image are aligned, your shot is in focus.
  • Focus Peak Highlight: This mode highlights the areas of the image that are in focus. With newer cameras, you can choose from several colors to highlight your in-focus areas, with older models you can choose between high and low settings.

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written on 2017-04-06 in #daguerreotype-achromat #lenses