Why would I use the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens rather than editing my photos using photo editing software?

The Daguerreotype Achromat is a very versatile tool. You can alternate between silky soft focus and razor sharp images according to your aperture. Furthermore, the new Lumière and Aquarelle aperture plates create characteristic depth-of-field effects, whilst keeping the subject in focus. This is something that can’t be easily recreated with post processing tools. The images shot with the lens are unique and special without having to resort to additional post production tools – this is something our testers have specifically remarked, and one of the things we are the most proud of. This is what the Lomography Art Lenses are about: each Art Lens has its own unique character – but all share the same attention to detail, optical quality, and exciting image making.
Today, more photographs are taken every two minutes than humanity took in the entire 19th century. In this pixelated era, Lomography believes in keeping the magic in photography alive.

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written on 2017-03-29 in #daguerreotype-achromat #lenses